Friday, March 30, 2012

Puppets in Progress: March 08 - 23, 2012

Close-up of "Fellowship" (Seven Stevens)

Seven paints the Mask for the Angel of Death (Seven Stevens)

One of the "5-Wit Fish Puppets," (Hearing) hangs from the "Fishing Pole" in the Shop. 

Chris Davis and the "Left-Ear Fish" (Chris Davis, John Teply)

Kitreena Wakefield paints the mask of "Knowledge."

Lauren Darm puts the finishing touches on the mask of "Good Deeds."

Coral Ferguson working on one of the Hand-Fish.

"Cousin" and his creator, Kitty Nunez.

Seven makes the back of the head for "Fellowship."

"Cousin" (Kitty Nunez)

"Knowledge" (Kitreena Wakefield)

Kitty and Cousin ^-.-^

The color-rendering of "Kin" by Kristy Bess.

"Kin" (Kristy Bess)

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