Saturday, February 18, 2012

WORK - February 9, 2012

Seven working on "Fellowship."

Charles working on "The River of Penance."

Mike works on the "Nose-Fish," while Brooke fabricates the body of one of the "Eye-Fish."

Juniper working on the "Mouth-Fish."

Lauren begins the 1/2 Mask for "Good Deeds."

Kitreena works on her 1/2 Mask for "Knowledge."

Coral covering the armature for "Discretion."

Tim in between vacu-form skulls & blacklight bone experiments.

Chris takes a break from working on an "Ear-Fish."

Jill sculpting "Goods."

Jacob measures the armature for one of the "Hand-Fish."

Lorien refines her ideas for the "Angel of Death" Wings.

Kitty sculpts the head for "Cousin."

Christopher working out the gear mechanism for "Discretion."

Juniper and Brooke work on Fish bodies.

Mike preps the base for a giant papier mache nose for his "Nose-Fish."

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